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 Bitcoin generator


 14-day money back guarantee


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How many time can i use this software in one day?

You can use this software twice a day.

How i can get the software file?

After payment confirmation we will send you a download link through your email.

How much i earn from this application?

You can earn 40$-120$ from this software per day.

Is it legal?

Of course, its legal! you are using a minning software not a hacking software.

How software works?

Actually, we use your device hardware for bitcoin transaction of thousand of our customers and we give some of commission to the software owner (you).

​What is minimum hardware requirment to purchase this software for all platform?

For windows - supports window 7 and above version

                                                              (software does not suppot window xp)

For android - supports phones must have 1 GB ram and above.

For ios - supports i phone 5 and upper version

Is software supports other bitcoin wallet?

Wapbitcoin supports all bitcoin wallet address you can use any bitcoin address of any wallet including blockchain,coinbase,robinhood and many more wallet and exchanges

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